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  • TRAVEL CHANNEL America Declassified (2013) Editor. Investigative series on location driven conspiracy stories.
  • THEATRICAL RELEASE When Comedy Went to School (Summer 2013) Producer, Director, Editor. Hosted by Robert Klein, is a tribute to the comedians of the Catskill Mountains. With Jerry Lewis, Jackie Mason, Sid Caesar, Jerry Stiller, Dick Gregory, Hugh Hefner, Larry King and others.
  • RELATIVITY MEDIA Evening with Nicolaus Sparks (2013) Director. Behind-the-scenes special on the feature “Safe Haven” live nationwide in AMC Theaters
  • DISCOVERY A Haunting (2012) Editor. Series of true stories of the paranormal told through first hand accounts and dramatizations.
  • ABC AUSTRALIA Next Stop Hollywood (2012) Director. Reality series on 7 Australian actors coming to Hollywood and trying out for pilot season.
  • SMITHSONIAN MLK: The Assassination Tapes (2011) Producer, Editor. Recently rediscovered radio and TV broadcasts on the assassination of Martin Luther King are edited together chronologically, as it happened.
  • SEAWORLD ENTERTAINMENT Behind the Scenes (2011) Producer, Director, Editor. Hosted feature about SeaWorld conservation playing continuously at all parks.
  • HEALTHPOINT PRESS MicroWarriors: The Power of Probiotics (2011) Director, Writer, Editor. Feature documentary on the history of bacteria and health benefits of Probiotics.
  • STARZ/ENCORE In the House (2009-2011) Director, Editor. Weekly series stars film legends Peter Bart and Peter Guber who give movie lovers an inside look at Hollywood’s inner workings.
  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL The Lost Tapes: The JFK Assassination (2009) Producer, Editor. A two-hour special on the assassination of JFK and the aftermath. Told exclusively from radio and TV broadcasts as it happened. Emmy Nomination.
  • FOX The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (2006) Producer, Director. Based on author Deepak Chopra’s bestselling book offers a life-altering perspective on the attainment of success and the fulfillment of your dreams.
  • FOX How to Know God (2006) Producer, Director. Bestselling author Deepak Chopra is on a soul’s journey through Egypt, India, Las Vegas and the Cosmos to know the mystery of mysteries.
  • LIME TV Lime Life with Deepak Chopra (2005) Producer, Director. Author and lecturer Deepak Chopra advice for life’s ordinary problems.
  • MTV Hong Kong Rocks (2004) Director. Rock concert and tour of Hong Kong hosted by Asha Gill with performances and interviews by the Rolling Stones, Santana, Prince, Neil Young and Michelle Branch.
  • PBS Bad Boy of Music (2003) Director, Editor. The life of composer George Antheil – the creator of the “Ballet mecanique”.
  • SXSW, AFI SILVERDOCS Only in America (2002) Producer, Director, Editor. The 2000 election as seen through the campaign of a minority candidate, Senator Joe Lieberman, the first Jew to run for national office.
  • HISTORY Mussolini’s Henchman, (2001) Producer, Editor. The myth of Mussolini and how he led Italy to defeat. Narrated by Charlton Heston for the Sworn to Secrecy series
  • HISTORY Hitler’s Last Days (2001) Producer, Editor. Follows the last days of the German leader in his bunker. Narrated by Charlton Heston for the Sworn to Secrecy series
  • MTV True Life: Backyard Wrestling (2001) Producer, Director. Documents kids who play characters and hit the backyard in homegrown wrestling matches.
  • DISCOVERY I Survived, (2000) Director, Editor. Stories of survival. Segment on the fire aboard the USS Forrestal with Senator John McCain.
  • PBS The Eternal Road: An Encounter with the Past (2000) Producer, Director, Writer, Editor. The story of an opera by Kurt Weill that foreshadowed the fate of German Jewry.
  • PBS Gloria (1999) Director, Editor. A musical event hosted by James Earl Jones and performed live in Jerusalem, Israel with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra in the Millennium Choir.
  • HISTORY Israeli Intelligence (1999) Producer, Editor. The 50-year history of Mossad – Israel’s secret intelligence service. Narrated by Charlton Heston for the Sworn to Secrecy series.
  • TLC The Port Chicago Mutiny: The Real Story (1999) Producer, Director, Editor. The true story about racism in the U.S. Navy during World War Two narrated by Louis Gossett Jr. Winner silver medal NY Fests, Telly Award, Intercom silver medal
  • HISTORY Shadows of the Six Day War (1998) Director, Editor. Israeli Secret agents gather intelligence that determines the outcome of‘67 Arab-Israeli war. Narrated by Charlton Heston for the Sworn to Secrecy series
  • TLC The Mystery of Mars (1997) Producer, Director, Editor. The story that may reveal life on Mars and intelligent life in the Universe narrated by Leonard Nimoy.
  • A&E The Hunt for Adolf Eichmann (1994) Producer, Editor. The story of the hunt and capture of the Nazi SS officer. Narrated by Gregory Peck. Telly Award, NY Fests, NEFV awards.
  • LIFETIME Princesses of Monaco (1996) Producer, Editor. A biographical look at the lives of Grace Kelly and her daughters narrated by Lee Grant.
  • TLC The Revolutionary War, (1995) Editor. A five part documentary series on the American Revolution, narrated by Charles Kuralt. Winner Cable Ace Award.
  • ABC Turning Point: Murder in Mississippi (1994) Editor. A documentary on slain civil rights activists in Mississippi in 1964.
  • PBS Ivan the Terrible: The Demjanjuk Dossier (1988) Editor. A documentary on the last Nazi war criminal trial in Israel. Winner Gold Medal International Film/TV Festival. Narrated by E.G. Marshall.
  • 1985-1987 Editor for CNN, New York/ CBS News N.Y.
  • 1981-1984 Frank lived in Jerusalem, Israel and worked for CNN, ABC News and produced and edited film and television productions for the Israeli Government.
  • Bachelor Fine Arts, New York University School of the Arts, Film/Television
Who is Ron Frank?
Ron is a Peabody Award winner and Emmy nominated filmmaker with numerous credits on PBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MTV, A&E, TLC, Starz, Encore, National Geographic, Discovery and History Channels. Screenings of his films have been held at Kennedy Center, United Nations, N.Y., Television Academy, L.A. SXSW, AFI, MOMA, Israel Film Fest. His work has been reviewed by NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and MSNBC.