Ron Frank Productions

At the close of a century that had seen the most horrific manifestation of anti-Semitism in history, would America accept a Jewish candidate for vice president? This is the story of the public pageantry and debate of an election and the Jewish American experience in the latter part of the 20th Century.

“Viva La Chutzpah!”; summed up the phenomenon created by a Vice Presidential campaign in which an unabashedly Jewish candidate, crossed over ethnic and religious lines bringing out people of majority and minority backgrounds in record numbers.

After Al Gore announced that Senator Joe Lieberman was his Vice Presidential choice, 24/6 Productions traveled with the Senator’s campaign filming the debates, plane stops, election night coverage and the Supreme Court decision. The filmmakers had behind-the-scenes access, capturing both the public frenzy as well as the intimate and reflective moments with Lieberman and his family.

But the campaign and its aftermath is embedded in the richer story of a century of the Jewish experience in America which began when Jews believed that success was a lighting rod for anti-Semitism and ends with the possibility that someday a President of the United States could be a Jew.

WITH: Senator Joe Lieberman, his wife Hadassah Lieberman and mother Marsha Lieberman. Also comedian Alan King, Senator Diane Feinstein, Historian Eli Evans, DLC chairman Al From, New Republic Literary Editor Leon Wieseltier, Senator John Breaux, Columnist Norm Ornstein, Historian Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg, Congressman Henry Waxman, the late Senator Paul Wellstone , University of Judaism President Rabbi Robert Wexler.